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The Dominican Republic government issues an online document called an e-Ticket, designed to track tourists who enter and exit the country. Each and every person who wishes to visit the Dominican Republic must complete two application forms for e-Tickets. These are for:

The e-Ticket issued by the Dominican Republic government is a legal requirement and anyone failing to obtain an e-Ticket is likely to not be allowed to enter or exit the country. If a visitor knows both the dates they are due to enter and depart the Dominican Republic, then they can use one application for both e-Tickets.

Please note: An e-Ticket is not the same as or designed as a replacement for a visa. You must make sure that if you are a citizen of a country that requires a visa to enter the Dominican Republic, you obtain both an e-Ticket and a visa. These should then be presented at the relevant security and immigration office when you enter the Dominican Republic.

IMPORTANT: The Dominican e-Ticket is not a visa. If you are a citizen of a country that needs visa to enter the Dominican Republic, you will need to present both e-Ticket and Visa at the port of entry to the Dominican Republic.

To enter and leave the Dominican Rep.

For Tourism, Business or Medical travel

Available online only


Trip Purpose:

Tourism, business, or other.

e-Ticket Validity:

Valid during the whole period of stay.

Delivery Time:

Few hours within successful payment.


Agency fee - $68

Application Process:

Apply online only. Approved e-Ticket sent by email as a pdf.

An e-Ticket is a type of document used by many governments across the world, including the Dominican Republic to help monitor people who enter and exit the country. The purpose behind this system is to maintain a clear view of activity, keeping both visitors and residents safe.

The Dominican e-Ticket combines three documents in one:

Entry & Exit Documentation

Entry & Exit Documentation

Entry & Exit Documentation

This e-Ticket is a mandatory requirement by the government of the Dominican Republic, for every traveller. No matter the reason for the visit, nationality of the visitor(s) or visa requirements, you must obtain an e-Ticket covering both entry and exit of the Dominican Republic.

An application for an e-Ticket can be submitted for an individual, for a family or group of up to 6 people if travelling in the same group.

The application process is a quick and easy online application form and within hours, you will receive an e-mail containing your personalised e-Ticket with a QR code. You can then choose to save it on your electronic device or print a copy to present when requested at the port of entry or exit.


Complete the online form

Click on the link to the application of this website. You then add in your personal details including the names of travellers, passport numbers, occupations, arrival and departure dates and an email address.

Pay online

Pay the service fee: We’ve made it quick and easy to pay for your e-Ticket online. You can pay with a debit or a credit card.

Receive the e-Ticket

Sit back and shortly you will receive your e-Ticket via the email address you provided. This is a QR code that you can then keep safe and ready to present to the authorities and airlines during your travel.

Our top tips for completing your Dominican Republic e-Ticket

The number one piece of advice we give every traveller is to make sure that you understand the correct rules and procedures for entering/exiting a country. It can mean the difference between entering the country and enjoying your visit, or potentially being refused entry and returning to your own country.

Other helpful tips include:

  • If you are renting a property whilst staying in the Dominican Republic, please make sure that you get the full address details from the host.
  • If you are travelling with children, then please note that children do not need to complete the Customs section of the form. This is for adults to complete and you will still get a QR code that covers your family.
  • Once you have completed the form and received your e-Ticket, you can print a copy or take a screenshot to use when you enter or exit the Dominican Republic.
  • Should you need to make any alterations to your application, please check the application code issued when first completing the form.
  • If you will be arriving in the Dominican Republic via a non-commercial vessel, a private flight, cruise ship or ferry then you are not required to complete this e-Ticket. In one of these scenarios, the Customs Declaration and International Embarkation/Disembarkation forms are accepted.


The number one piece of advice we give every traveller is to make sure that you understand the correct rules and procedures for entering/exiting a country. It can mean the difference between entering the country and enjoying your visit, or potentially being refused entry and returning to your own country.

The e-Ticket was implemented by the Dominican Migration authorities, in partnership with the Health Ministry and Customs agency. This ensures adherence to the national laws of the Dominican Republic (No 285-04, 226-06, 72-02 and 115-17).

What information is required for a Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

The e-ticket must include:


Please note: Travelers must present the same ticket and details, as are entered onto the e-Ticket when entering the Dominican Republic. If you make any changes after the ticket has been created, then the ticket may not be accepted.


Every visitor to the Dominican Republic is required to obtain an e-Ticket for both entry and exit of the country. This includes tourists, all age groups, those on business trips etc.

Your e-Ticket contains the following personal information:

  • The names of any travellers covered by the e-Ticket
  • The e-mail address used
  • The dates for arrival and departure

This information may be stored by the Dominican Republic authorities for security and analytical purposes.

It is important to note that an e-Ticket is not a visa. This means that only those from a country where a visa is not required may pass without a visa and just the e-Ticket. All visitors from countries that the Dominican Republic require a visa for entry, must obtain this along with the e-Ticket.

Yes, there is! A Dominican Republic e-Ticket is a digital document containing personal information and travel details relating to your entry/exit.

A travel visa is a legal permit issued by the Dominican Republic government that allows travellers from certain countries to visit the Dominican Republic. Some nationalities may not require a visa, however, all travellers require an e-Ticket.

It is important to check with the relevant embassy or authority when preparing to travel, as travel requirements may change.

You can quickly and easily get an e-Ticket by filling out our application form. It combines three documents that now fall under the same form:

  • Boarding and Disembarkation Card
  • Travellers Health Affidavit
  • Customs Declaration Form

As soon as you have completed the form, paid the service fee and submitted it to us, you can sit back and expect to receive your e-Ticket within 24 hours.

As long as all of the information you provide us is correct and we require no additional information, then you will receive an email with your e-Ticket within 24 hours of receiving payment.

Yes, you are required to complete an application for an e-Ticket that covers the period of your stay in the country.

If you’re concerned that you may not receive your e-Ticket in time or you have any questions, please get in touch. One of the team will respond to your enquiry as soon as they can.

You can still apply for an e-Ticket but only add in the arrival date. Once you know the departure date, you can get in touch with us and we can complete the departure part of the e-Ticket for you, which will be sent via email.

Each applicant will receive two QR codes. One will be for entering the country and one will be for exiting the country.

Each visitor must obtain an e-Ticket but you can complete a group application and in this case, there will be a single QR code for the group on entry and a single QR code for the group on exit of the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic e-Ticket application costs $68 USD. We require this payment prior to processing your application.
Yes, you can. We have a no-questions-asked refund policy. Please feel free to request a refund from our 24/7 live chat, phone line, contact form, or directly email us at [email protected].
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